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New partner of the loyalty program Charlotte

Our loyalty program Charlotte card has a new member - Wall Street Institute!Wall Street Institute - the world's leading provider of English language training in the segment PREMIUM. For 40 years, Wall Street Institute consistently successful uses a unique patented Blended Learning Method 450 training centers around the world. Name Wall Street Institute for 40 years is a guarantee of the highest standards of training and service.Classes in small groups (2-3 people)Personal attention to each student teacher . Lots of speaking practiceCredentialed teachers - native speakers . Different countries, different accentsflexible ScheduleThe natural integration of study in the work schedule . Employees engaged in an easy to each modeAdvanced technology (online- platforms)The opportunity to learn not only in the training center , but also at home and in the workplaceKeeping each studentIntensive individual support at each stage of learningThrough training in Wall Street Institute, more than 3 million high school graduates in 30 countries can proudly say : "Yes, I speak English!"
* discount for  Charlotte card holders - 15%

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