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Winter fairy tale from CROCUS Lotte Plaza

 CROCUS stylists, inspired by way of the Snow Queen , has created a collection of exquisite evening gowns and wardrobe items for the New Year holiday . For unforgettable and warm winter walks prepared compilation "Winter image." Best masters offer hair styling and make an evening to provide tips for the Christmas to New Year pricheske.Spetsialno boutique CROCUS Lotte Plaza offers an abundance of gift ideas : noble flavors in single copies for sophisticated , unique jewelry designer Eugenia Masterpeace Linovich , holiday items and everyday wardrobe from the world known brands. Exclusive solution for gift gift certificates are CROCUS unlimited nominalom.Vse boutique buyers will be able to take advantage of the holiday gift wrapping , meanwhile prepare a professional artist author otkrytku.Pod trendy Christmas Set DJ invited to continue the fabulous history by making colorful snapshots fotobudke.Keytering Zafferano restaurant warm traditional " delicacies " : spicy hot tea from a samovar and ginger Christmas cookies.

 Instagram :  #crocusfashion.
 Phone.: + 7 495 662 81 69/68.

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